Family Time in 2017

2017 has been an exciting year for our family. My husband had a 3 month sabbatical from work so I ramped down my graphic design and pottery businesses and we hit the road with our 2 young kids, our trusty Subaru wagon and a pop-up camper and toured the NW for 63 days. It was an amazing quality time with our family (and also some challenging parenting moments) but overall a wonderful family adventure. Now my daughter is in 1st grade and my son is a very active 3.5 year old who needs plenty of outdoor time so my afternoons and weekends are busy playing outside with my young kiddos.

Needless to say, I haven't had a ton of extra time to work in my studio this year because of our road trip adventures and active young kiddos so I am not planning any pottery sales/shows this year. I do plan to make a small supply of inventory for family and friends and always have some pots on the shelf for sale, so contact me if you need to stop by and see what I have in stock. Otherwise, come see me at my next year art shows for some new pottery dishes.

Melissa Beckwith family


Just stumbled across this photo of my FIRST pottery sale!!! This was taken in the summer of 2005 at the Keystone Farmer's Market in Keystone CO. Back then, I had a fun marketing job for the ski resort and was a Teacher's Assistant under Bill Barry for the pottery classes at Colorado Community College in Breckenridge. I decided to sell my huge pottery stash I'd built up from all my years in art school and teaching pottery. I had no sales skills yet, so my booth was pretty dang bleak, but it was my first attempt at selling my art!

Melissa Perritte, Melissa Beckwith, pottery

More mugs...

My biggest request (and best sellers) are mugs. We all love the comforting feel of a warm, smooth mug to wrap our chilly fingers around in winter. The past few weeks I have been focusing on making mugs - big and small - for the tea, coffee, hot cocoa or espresso drinker in all of us! I've evolved the hand-pulled handle over the years to be wider but not to thick. I like a nice groove at the top apex of the handle for the thumb to easily rest. I've added a new "Seaweed" green glaze to my palette and look forward to testing out all sorts of glaze combos on these beauties. Come to one of my upcoming holiday art shows to see the results!!!

pottery by Melissa Beckwith

Yoga-inspired pottery

I've been invited to sell my pottery at Yoga Junction's fall fashion Trunk Show/Sale on Oct. 15. Since I normally don't put my pottery pieces in the "fashion" category, I had to think outside the box on yoga-inspires pots that might fit the theme.... I decided on small pots/dishes that could be used to hold meditation beads, jewelry, soap or loose change! Here is a sneak peak at a few of the pieces that just came out of the kiln this morning! I had a great time carving some yoga-inspired designs into my ceramic pieces - a real change from my norm.

pottery by Melissa Beckwith
pottery by Melissa Beckwith
Melissa Beckwith pottery

First Friday Art Walk - Aug. 5, 2016

I am busy making pots for the one and only pottery demo/sale this summer on Friday, August 5th. I've been asked by Julie at Gifts at Cooper's Corner to participate again in First Friday - Louisville's monthly Art Walk. I will be there with my potter's wheel offering demonstrations on wheel-thrown pots. My hubby, Drew, will also be there "manning" a table of finished pottery pieces for sale. Please mark your calendars and come on down to Old Town to visit and support the local artists!

Melissa Beckwith

Art in the Barn SUCCESS

Wow... just participated in the coolest artisan market a few days ago - Art in the Barn - at Three Leaf Farm in Lafayette. The show was held upstairs of a beautiful horse barn with chickens and goat nearby. There was an amazing selection of local artists and goodies and it was fun to be part of such a talented group of women. My pottery sales were GREAT - thank you to all who purchased hand-made pottery!!! Big shout out to Sara M. who hosted us at the farm. Look forward to being part of it again next year - Dec. 3, 2016 - MARK YOUR CALENDARS!!

Art in the Barn, Melissa Beckwith Pottery

Last sale of the year!

This Saturday will be my last pottery sale of the year. It is fun to work towards these end-of-year sales each year and earn some money towards next year's clay and glaze supplies. Although this is not my main income, the sales from these shows offset my expensive pottery hobby and allow me to get out in the community and feel like an artist. Please save the date for Saturday, Dec. 5 to stop by the ART IN THE BARN artisan market and shop for the holidays! I'll be there all day to help you find the perfect gift for you family, friends or coworkers!

Happy holidays!


November 2015 Arts and Craft show

Pottery by Melissa Beckwith

The annual end-of-year LAA Fine Arts and Holiday Craft show at the Louisville Rec Center was a ton of fun. Each year there is a different display of amazing fine art hung around the foyer and a fun selection of affordable holiday gifts and crafts. I worked the show for a few hours one day and was watching carefully to see what items were selling best... winners were Jeweled zipper pulls/charms, jewelry notecards and Denver Bronco hand-sewn pot holders, . Guess people were in the mood for buying stocking stuffers that day! Overall, my pottery sales consisted of the smaller $10-16 priced items and a few large bowls. Every year the sales trends change so I will just keep making a variety of stuff to appeal to all shoppers!

Mugs galore

The feedback I got from my last sale was "more mugs please". Your wish is my command! There will be LOTS of new mugs for you to choose from at the next sale! I also had a comment from one pottery-lover that my pulled handles were too thin and dainty... I have made this next batch of mugs with a thicker, heftier handles just for you!!!