November 2015 Arts and Craft show

Pottery by Melissa Beckwith

The annual end-of-year LAA Fine Arts and Holiday Craft show at the Louisville Rec Center was a ton of fun. Each year there is a different display of amazing fine art hung around the foyer and a fun selection of affordable holiday gifts and crafts. I worked the show for a few hours one day and was watching carefully to see what items were selling best... winners were Jeweled zipper pulls/charms, jewelry notecards and Denver Bronco hand-sewn pot holders, . Guess people were in the mood for buying stocking stuffers that day! Overall, my pottery sales consisted of the smaller $10-16 priced items and a few large bowls. Every year the sales trends change so I will just keep making a variety of stuff to appeal to all shoppers!

Mugs galore

The feedback I got from my last sale was "more mugs please". Your wish is my command! There will be LOTS of new mugs for you to choose from at the next sale! I also had a comment from one pottery-lover that my pulled handles were too thin and dainty... I have made this next batch of mugs with a thicker, heftier handles just for you!!!

New glaze load

I just unloaded a new glaze kiln load yesterday in preparation for my pottery sale/demo tonight. I have a new speckled rust glaze that is BEAUTIFUL so I used it lavishly on many of my pots this time. Hope to see lots of familiar faces tonight at Louisville's First Friday ART WALK. I am a featured artist at Gifts At Cooper's Corner at 940 Main Street, Louisville. Drew and I will be down there all evening with a big display of pottery for sale and I'll be doing demonstrations on the wheel occasionally throughout the night.


Fun at First Friday!

Wow, being part of First Friday last weekend was FUN! Thanks to all my friends and fellow artists who stopped by to say hello, watch me demo some wheel-thrown pots and support the local arts. And a big thank you to Julie at Gifts at Cooper's Corner for inviting me to participate at her lovely store!

I already look forward to doing it again later in the summer.

Melissa Beckwith throwing pottery